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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    Quote Originally Posted by ActualSpamBot View Post
    They're not doing the defense guys. They've already confirmed that they're announcing the Pro Bowlers.

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    And Ray Lewis is a Pro Bowler.

    I don't think people are concerned if Cory Redding or any other defensive players are introduced or not, just Ray.

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    I don't care what people are concerned about, I was just correcting a statement which is untrue.

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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    The Edge > Jack White

    But that's for another message board
    You got that right. Especially since John Petrucci runs circles around the Edge.

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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    Quote Originally Posted by AntiMoon View Post
    Maybe we will get a half hour lecture from Burgandy about not being a jerk. Followed by Michau Miller and his mind numbing anthem. I just wish one of these wussy teams would have the balls to have individual intros. . . . sucks. at DE. . . . SUCKS! LB. . . . Sucks
    Actually, I think the 49ers did individual intro's this year...

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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenMadness View Post
    Actually, I think the 49ers did individual intro's this year...
    Think you're right. It's been so long since any team did that that it seemed like the crowd forgot about yelling "Sucks" after each name.

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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    It was Thanksgiving and we were playing our head coach's brother. People were being nice.

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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenboy2003 View Post
    White Stripes broke up, and Jack White must be going broke. I saw him selling some of his personal shit to the guys on American Pickers on History Channel the other night.
    LMAO, I watched that too!

    Anyways wow A-10 flyover like we haven't had that a million times. Nothing against it mind you as I'm military myself, but maybe change it up a little? How about some F35s out of Andrews, or even F16's. Dunno just change it up. Hell we have the Naval Academy 30min down the road, they can't pull a Blue Angel request???

    But in any case, it's a freakin playoff game, EVERYONE should be at their seat for the Intro's! And hopefully we'll be lucky enough for the Texans to want to announce their players so we can get the "sucks" in instead of just boooo's for the whole team.

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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    Because the A-10's are from the Air National Guard. Using a states Air Guard is typical for flyovers.

    They could do a helicopter flyover too, but that's not nearly as exciting.
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    Re: Sunday, 12:42 pm

    Figured they'd announce the pro bowlers. There is no way that the marketing dept. can be that stupid to announce the offense in a game like this.

    BTW, this will be Ray's next to last home game........I believe in Tebow.


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