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    Re: Come on season ticket holders, do NOT sell your seats to brokers

    If I remember correctly, a couple of years ago when Steve Bisciotti raised tickets prices the front office received a good sized back lash from that. His response was if the Ravens were to make the playoffs, the PSL holder could sell that ticket to offset the price increase and, maybe pay for a game or two along the way. At the time, a lot of PSL holders grumbled of the notion. Then again, a lot took him up on that offer and most have been happy ever since. If you turn your tickets over to a broker to accomplish this, so be it. It's pot luck as to where they go. Obviously if they go to the opposing team, a little more $ can be made. It's all business.
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    Re: Come on season ticket holders, do NOT sell your seats to brokers

    OK, just looked at BWI, 18 flights came in from the 2 Houston airports, and 8 from Dallas. That was Friday. Today had 9 from the 2 Houstons and 2 from the Dallas/Ft Worth ones. Your average 737 holds 200 passengers. So yes max theoretically there could be 7000+ people from Houston coming into the area, how many are going to the game? How many are Baltimoreans coming home? Business people on a regular trip? Oh and thats IF the flights were booked solid, which someone already said they were not.

    I'll be generous and say 4k MAX in a stadium that holds 71k+, and that equals .05% or 1/20. Hardly anything worth mentioning.


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