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    Joe Flacco = Rodney Dangerfield

    Joe just doesn't get the respect he deserves. who is the ravens megatron, fitzgerald, andre johnson, aj smith, wallace,roddy white, all of the saints receivers etc. i like our team and Ozzie did a good job bringing together a receiving core but our receivers don't scare anyone and joe doesn't have that stud receiver that most other QB's have

    Peter King of predicts a win for the Ravens, but he doesn't think Joe Flacco will have much to do with it.

    Ravens 30, Texans 20: Joe Flacco's right: He's never going to have the big numbers in the Baltimore offense -- but that's not only because the Ravens have a great runner in Ray Rice. It's because Flacco hasn't progressed as a passer the way the team had hoped. His 57.6-percent accuracy was 25th in the league this year, and how are you going to have your offensive coordinator and your head coach trust you to be a bombs-away guy when you're completing passes at a Kevin Kolb rate? I think Rice out-runs Arian Foster here anyway.

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    Re: Joe Flacco = Rodney Dangerfield

    Just the way I like it....let Mr. Flacco fly under the radar. All last week Matt Ryan talk, "Matty Ice", then he goes out and lays an egg where the defense scored a safety and he put up ZIP....... But Matty is the man? give me a friggin break.

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    Re: Joe Flacco = Rodney Dangerfield

    I don't blame Joe one bit for making the comments that he's made.

    Anyone who watches the Ravens closely knows that many of Joe's statistical problems originate in the type of offense that Cameron runs. Joe's either dumping the ball off to Rice or throwing it 50 yards down field to Smith or Boldin. There are typically few high percentage, short passes to wide receivers. In spite of all this Joe still has a 4 year career average of over 60%

    One of the more interesting disconnects is the total lack of awareness (by the media) of Joe's overall career performance - 44 wins and 20 losses - an NFL record. They are more inclined to ooo and awe over Eli Manning - who in the same four year period in which Joe's won 44 games has only won a total of about 30 games. Its almost as if Joe's wins are attributable to the team but Joe's losses are attributable exclusively to him.

    I think Joe's going to the Superbowl this year - if ONLY Cam Cameron lets him.

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    Re: Joe Flacco = Rodney Dangerfield

    Joe Flacco gets it. It is about the wins. The Ravens are not going to throw the ball 40-50, because they have Ray Rice and that is smart football. There are no constellation prizes in the playoffs, for winning with style points. You don't get to automatically skip to the next round, for defeating a team by 100 points.

    This subject is starting to get under the skin of the fanatic in me. I am trying to be humble, but it is really disrespectful that Joe has to go through this.

    When he lit up Pittsburgh for three TDs, all of the talk was about Ray Rice and the Ravens defense. When the Ravens came back from 21 points, against the Cardinals, the performance was forgotten. When Joe Flacco threw the game winning TD and threw for 300 yards against Pittsburgh, in their house, sort of speak, the talk was about how the Steelers would beat them if they met a third time.

    In short, I am not buying the idea that the perception of Joe will change if he puts up great stats Sunday.
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    Re: Joe Flacco = Rodney Dangerfield

    Hopefully. all current sportswriters contracts will not be renewed after Ravens go to SB. There is no excuse for down grading Flacco,who is currently the only QB in NFL history to go to the postseason in his first four years. If the Ravens win SB, all these hacks who demiss the Ravens this year shopuld be fired. Yea, the same ones who picked the stelers over the Broncos and predicted the eagles made all the right moves in the off season and will go to the SB. Hell, win the SB and marino should personally apoligize for all the hacks.

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    Re: Joe Flacco = Rodney Dangerfield

    Joe threw for 300 yards the last time these two teams played (While spending the first half on his can no less), and led the offense to 13 fourth quarter points. Yet, this week, the talk is about whether or not Joe would be able to get it done if it came down to him? Are you kidding me?
    "When questioned, the Elders explained that they were in search of magical powers. However, they're actually searching for the whereabouts of a certain ring. This ring is a legendary treasure that long ago was known to exist"

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    Re: Joe Flacco = Rodney Dangerfield

    I'm surprised that the national mediots even know who Joe Flacco is or that Baltimore has an NFL team. Usually we are just the anonymous "opponent" when the Steelers apparently cause their own losses.


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