Joe just doesn't get the respect he deserves. who is the ravens megatron, fitzgerald, andre johnson, aj smith, wallace,roddy white, all of the saints receivers etc. i like our team and Ozzie did a good job bringing together a receiving core but our receivers don't scare anyone and joe doesn't have that stud receiver that most other QB's have

Peter King of predicts a win for the Ravens, but he doesn't think Joe Flacco will have much to do with it.

Ravens 30, Texans 20: Joe Flacco's right: He's never going to have the big numbers in the Baltimore offense -- but that's not only because the Ravens have a great runner in Ray Rice. It's because Flacco hasn't progressed as a passer the way the team had hoped. His 57.6-percent accuracy was 25th in the league this year, and how are you going to have your offensive coordinator and your head coach trust you to be a bombs-away guy when you're completing passes at a Kevin Kolb rate? I think Rice out-runs Arian Foster here anyway.