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    Thoughts of a Steeler Fan set to Rhyme after Sunday's Loss

    Harrison can’t get a call

    He’s held each time they throw

    Suspend him 1 more @#$* time, Goodell…

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    Ben played on just 1 ankle

    He nearly stole the show

    Rub some dirt on yours Markice

    We were beaten by Tebow!

    Clark’s absence was regrettable

    But the right thing as we know

    I’d give him one of my spleens

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    The defense short on takeaways

    How open their the win-dow?

    If we only played some young guys

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    Poor coaching or bad luck,

    Injuries or X’s and O’s

    We’ve got a lot of excuses

    We were beaten by Tebow?!?

    Did you see Coach Tomlin’s presser

    He’d do it all again you know

    Arians and Dick are back

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    Big Ben the well dressed QB

    At his presser in voice low

    Fred Flintstone never looked as good

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    It doesn’t matter anyway

    We’d have lost to the Pats also

    A head start on our drinking

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    The 49ers better lose

    A 6th ring for them would blow

    How then would we feed the trolls

    We were beaten by Tebow?!

    The Steelers are in cap hell

    20 million over next year’s dough

    We wasted it on Timmons

    And were beaten by Tebow!

    Hines will take a pay cut

    Let’s see how low he’ll go

    It better be 6 figures

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    Hampton, BMac, and Rashard

    Farrior or Foote to go

    A new roster to learn in camp

    We were beaten by Tebow?

    Next season can’t come soon enough

    The Iron City Brew will flow

    It may even help me forget

    We were knocked out by Tebow
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