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    Film producer shows how easy dead people vote in NH

    James O'Keefe, a conservative film maker, showed how
    easy it is for dead people to vote in the Granite state
    yesterday taking his video in that showed election workers
    in multiple places handing out ballots in the names of dead people.

    See vid.

    It's an attempt to capture widespread fraud. Kennedy
    narrowly defeated Nixon in 1960 when Mayor Daily
    did it. Glendenning narrowly defeated Sauerbrey for Guv here
    by about 400 votes with dead peoples names.

    This is the first time it's been captured on film.

    No identification is required so anyone can vote.

    It's how the liberals win. I wouldn't be surprised if
    Romney, yesterday's historic winner to do it since
    he's the GOPs answer to liberals.

    He won the Iowa Caucus by 20 votes with the allegation a typo
    was made and it was only 2 votes, so 18 could have voted
    for Santorum.
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    While I fully support voter ID's, Maryland is hardly a good example to use.

    In 1994, Sauerbrey lost by approximately 6,000 votes, not 400.

    She got her doors blown off 4 years later.

    Liberals get elected in Maryland because 3/4 of the electorate are liberal.

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    Re: Film producer shows how easy dead people vote in NH

    Yea, She lost by a few thousand (5994 votes), not few hundred as I thought. She didn't get the woman vote she needed.

    Point is, Glendenning narrowly won with
    dead people voting. Were any of these 1500 dead peoples names listed as active registered voters in Bmore used in that
    election? This list makes my Bmore point

    True, it's a liberal electorate here but she
    almost won.

    I voted for Glendenning, a liberal, because he promised to bring me a football team and he was the only politician in my life time to keep
    a promise.

    I rewarded him the second time for keeping
    his promise.
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