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    Favorite moments on offense from the Harbaugh/Cameron era:

    Since we bitch about the offense so much, I thought it would be nice to post some moments we've particularly enjoyed on offense, from the last 4 seasons. I expect this list to grow over the next couple weekends, but now is a good time to think some positive thoughts.

    • 4th quarter of game 1 2008, vs Bengals.
    First game of the Harbaugh Era. Ravens get the ball back with 7:15 left in the 4th quarter nursing a 1-TD lead – and the game was over. They chewed up the clock until Cincy was out of timeouts, then knelt on it twice to end the game. The play-calling in the 4th Q was 3 passes, 17 rushes. On the day the Ravens ran 46 times for a 5.0 average. The offense just beat up the Bengals, ran it down their throats. Beautiful way to start an era.

    • 4th quarter of Redskins game that season, 2008 game 13.
    Same situation really. Nursing a 17-10 lead, 11:22 to play, Ravens get the ball and come to the line in a jumbo formation. And they proceed to beat the shit out of the Redskins for the next 11 plays. Run, run, run. McClain carried on 10 of those plays. Even though they were all runs, Cameron was very creative with his play-calling: some unbalanced line, some motion, some counters. And the end-around to Clayton! This time the end-around picked up good yardage. On the 12th play, 3rd-&-5, the Ravens delivered the kill shot: play action bomb to Mason for the TD. No one was within 10 yards of him. One of the most fun drives I've ever watched.

    • 4th quarter of Cowboys game, same season, 2008 game 15.
    Thank you for inviting us to close down your old stadium, Jerry. It was a pleasure. LeRon McClain and Willis McGahee go to the house on back-to-back possessions. Awesome.

    • 2009 at Minnesota, game 6 2nd half.
    I know we lost, but Flacco completed 65% of his passes and threw for 385 yards, leading a furious 2nd-half rally. Ravens scored 31 points in the 2nd half, and nearly pulled it out. Great performance by the offense.

    • 2009 Wildcard game at Patriots, 1st quarter.
    Ray Rice for 83 yards, followed up by McClain from 1 yard out and Rice from 1 yard out. 21-0 in the first. Game over.

    • 2010 game 4 at Pittsburgh.
    Flacco throws the winning TD to TJ Housh with 32 secs left. What I love about that final drive is how the winning play was set up by the prior play. Housh catches the out, and they go right back to him and he runs the out-and-up to burn the defense. Total team effort on the final play: Heap comes across the formation to block the blitzing Polumalu, or the pass doesn't even get thrown.

    • 2011 game 7 vs Arizona
    24 points in the second half for the win. Anquan Boldin takes the team on his back, with 7 catches for 145 yards. Wouldn't make me sad to see another performance like that from him this postseason.

    • 2011 game 8 at Pittsburgh.
    Obviously the game-winning drive in the 2-minute drill, with Torrey Smith's redemption, was the story of the game. Also, how often does Ray Rice open up a statement game with a huge run? (Even though this one was called back.) Seems to happen a lot.

    What else have you guys got? Seems to me I missed a couple.
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