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    Re: New Highlight Reel

    Ridiculously good.

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    Re: New Highlight Reel

    Wow! I can't wait for Sunday...Can't wait to be apart of the 12th man!! We are gonna rock the vault...glad I have Monday off because I will have no voice.

    Great video!!
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    Re: New Highlight Reel

    I still love how Ray initially calls for Ravens, then goes "no no...BALTIMORE on three"

    That's just heartwarming. Half of it was because they were celebrating getting a home playoff game and all...but it shows you, they KNOW how much it means to us in this city.

    Gets me every single time.
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    Re: New Highlight Reel

    This is damn good, I'm ready to tackle someone

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    Re: New Highlight Reel

    Awesome!! One of the best I've seen so far. Hopefully there will be 3 more games worth of highlights to add to it :)
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