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Thread: First Play?

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    First Play?

    What should the Ravens first play call be?

    I would call a flea flicker. I'm sure the first play of our last couple of games we're all runs. I say run the flea flicker and hit Torrey deep.. if he isn't open dump it to Leach.

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    Re: First Play?

    Iso up the middle, gain of 18. Cam then abandons the run and passes three straight times, Koch comes out.

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    Re: First Play?

    Virtually ever game starts with Ray Rice up the middle for 2 or 3 yards. I don't see it changing on Sunday.

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    Re: First Play?

    Play action.

    Joe fakes to Rice who runs to left - Joe rolls to right and smokes it to Torrey on a slant across the middle - who streaks to the end zone (assuming he has his hair tucked in)/

    If they loosen up Texas early so they don't stack the box with 8 or 9 - it won't be a terribly difficult game for the Ravens

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    Re: First Play?

    Run left tackle. Rice could once again break it for a big one on the first run like he has done many times in the past.
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    Re: First Play?

    I was actually thinking about this earlier today. I could honestly see the offense taking a shot down the field with Torrey Smith. IMO, I see a 50+ yard pass play to Torrey down the right sideline for the first play of the game. The Ravens have done this before this season ( maybe not the FIRST play, but first pass ), and I can see them doing it again on Sunday.

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    Re: First Play?

    On the Ravens' first play from scrimmage in 16 games, they've run 12 times and passed 4 times (and no, they did not run first in all 12 wins and pass first in all 4 losses. They ran first in all 4 losses.)

    I don't really see anything noteworthy from those numbers. I don't have stats right in front of me, but the Ravens definitely run the ball a large percentage of the time on 1st and 10 anyway, particularly when not trailing by 2 or more scores. I would venture to guess it's close to 90% runs on 1st and 10.

    My play-call would be a play-action pass, roll Flacco out a bit to the right to buy time (their edge defenders are a bit undisciplined so they're liable to try to cheat.) Hit Torrey on the deep post if it's there, but have Anquan cross the formation for a short gain if the back 7 drop in zone.

    Their defense plays fast and sees a lot of outside zone runs in practice, so we'll need to run well up the middle and pull the safeties out of the box with deep strikes. That will be the formula to success.

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    Re: First Play?

    Rice runs off tackle right at JJ Watt. Gives the big pass rusher something to worry about.
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    Re: First Play?

    Wide receiver reverse. They will NEVER expect that one.

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    Re: First Play?

    Ray Rice off left tackle.

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    Re: First Play?

    It's been said, but my gut tells me PA Left, roll right, looking for Torrey deep. If it's going to be a good day they'll either connect deep, draw PI, or Flacco will find Boldin in the middle of the coverage.

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    Re: First Play?

    I'm with the play action pass posters. In fact, I think we should call play action passes on typical running down and distance situations, assuming that Houston is going to stack the box against the run, until they loosen up a bit. Then pound it with Ray Rice going off tackle.

    As for as the disdain for the WR reverse goes, the fake reverse has been huge for us in the past couple of games. That gets set up by actually running the reverse once in a while.


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