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    A little OT - funny playoff video (mentions the Ravens)

    Fantastic Video and possibly NSFW (language).

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    Re: A little OT - funny playoff video (mentions the Ravens)

    Yeah, found that last night & posted the link in the "We Are Ravens Nation" thread. What I said then:
    I know those re-subtitled "Hitler-loses-his-shit" clips from Der Untergang have proliferated like flies on a cowpat, but I found this rather droll:

    (--well, crap, it doesn't want to embed, so yinz'll just hafta watch it on U-Toob.) (EDIT: Most definitively NSFW--beware!)

    And fear not, there's plenty about the Ravens once "Onkel Adi" gets good & rolling.

    I wonder if one of our own is responsible for this...
    One of these days I'm going to have to rent Der Untergang & see what der Führer was actually saying. Bruno Ganz, the guy who plays Hitler, is a helluvan actor--I saw him first in Der Himmel Uber Berlin (retitled Wings Of Desire in the US release), one of my all-time favorite flicks.


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