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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    The perception that the Ravens defense is old is because we have been consistently good for such a long time. They see Ray Lewis and instantly think about the 2000 Ravens great defense. I think we've been so good defensively for so long that unless you know this team well it's easy to think of this defense as old and miss all the new faces we actually have.

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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    Quote Originally Posted by scottie b View Post
    i read somewhere that the 2000 team was ,by avg age,the oldest in the nfl that year...i know its nature to assume it wasnt,w a younger ray,cmac,etc...and the team speed was incredible,but look it up.
    Woodson was 35, 3 of the 4 defensive lineman were 30 or over. The key to the "team speed" was you had a young back 7: Ray the LBers were 25, 26 and 26. McAlister was 23 and Stuarks was 26.

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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    Quote Originally Posted by SC_Raven_Fan View Post
    Demaryius Thomas gave an interview on SiriusNFL Radio and confirmed Quinn took reps with the 1st team in preparation for the Steelers.
    According to John Fox, Quinn takes snaps with the first team every Friday and has done so the entire year. Fox said nothing changed for that game except for the huge number of reporters covering it.
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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    We are a mix of wise players mix with young talent. Thats why the ravens defense has the advantage in the playoffs.

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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    Have to see what talking heads have to say after Sunday, eventually the Ravens defense will get old and then the talking heads will jump up and down proclaiming they knew what they were talking about. Personally, the talking heads should compare our old guys against the old steeler team who lost saturday. That would be something to do a comparision with. Steelers guys dropping like flies against the Broncos. Maybe they will do a special about the old Ravens going to the SB and winning.

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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    I heard the same interview this morning and dismissed it when it got to that point... as others have mentioned people think Reed and Lewis whenever they talk about our defense like no one else makes plays...

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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    Quote Originally Posted by PGCountyRaven85 View Post
    I was listening to Mike and Mike on my way to work and they had the Houston reporter on this morning, talking up the Texans defense which everyone will acknowledge as being very good. They talked a bit about the first game, then they started talking about the Texans offense versus the Ravens was hilarious. The guy started talking about how the Ravens defense is a "much older group" that is "not as dominant as they were, they might have trouble" etc. Why does this "the Ravens defense is old" lie keep getting rehashed by the National media? It's like they don't watch Ravens game at all because they would know with the exception of Reed and Ray Ray, JJ and Redding, the defense is young! Our biggest play makers this year are the younger guys like Ngata, Sizzle, Cody, Pollard, Webby, McPhee, and occasionally Smitty and Kruger. All these dudes are under 30, some under 25. It's just crazy to me. At any rate, this "old" defense was way up there in sacks, turnovers, stuffing the run, etc.
    Its because no one in the media pays attention. They hear something and just go with it.

    I remember when the Orioles' marketing slogan was "Come see the kids play". I actually took all the O's starters and figured out that the average age was over 30.

    But you are correct. The Ravens main playmakers this year are all young.

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    Re: That "elderly" Ravens defense

    Bottom line: we are a little older than the Texans. But the bye week should help make up the difference in performance (if there is any). I do hope Oz has a thick file on this year's graduating ILBs.


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