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Thread: No Coverage?

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    This is nothing new. I've been a Ravens fan since day 1, but haven't lived in Maryland since then so I've gotten used to only getting the slightest details about Ravens games. Thankfully now I can stream the games online at least. So anyway, even if the Ravens were going to the Superbowl, the main focus would be on the other team and all the other teams that barely made it in. That's just how it is.

    I remember watching Sportscenter this past Sunday night after the games and the only thing I failed to see on the side-scroll about the next week's matchups was anything about Ravens/Texans. I get frustrated, but I remind myself that it's fine and to let the other teams get the spotlight. The Ravens have always seemed to be a team that can buy too much into their own hype, and it usually kills them. Let's go back to being the team that is given no respect, but aggressively takes it from the doubters.

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    Re: No Coverage?

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    I have far too much respect for the fairer sex to assume they would post such transparently combative drivel - despite some Trollettes who are the exceptions which prove the Rule.
    LOL... spoon, you and Beau, are the best ... Bc


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