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    Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    I bought game rewind to re-watch the Baltimore game. Flacco played very well. Moved well in the pocket and found aquan and Torrey several times deep. When we put pressure and made him make descions with man to man coverage he struggled.

    Also what you guys do with Rice is incredible. He is THE guy that has to get going to allow flacco to not have to win games with his arm. They motioned hi
    Out as a reciever and made big plays. Also putting him in different packages makes him a nightmare! We gotta contain him ( because it's impossible to stop him ) if we are gonna have a shot.

    Just impressed with how much your offense has improved in so many areas. I know you guys had some bad losses but when Rice is used wisely... It's just tough to stop.

  2. Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    thnx & go ravens!!

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    Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    Quote Originally Posted by 73doubledown73 View Post
    no one had better say anything about "steers and queers"!
    They got horns on their helmets, what does that mean?

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    Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    I definitely think that our two teams are the best in the AFC. The winner of this game goes to the Super Bowl. We both have the best D's and the best backs in the playoffs. The media won't focus on this game, but I think it's the best matchup in this playoffs. Houston fans definitely respect the Ravens and know what we are up against. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

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    Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    Quote Originally Posted by iBleedBlack&Purple View Post
    hey quick question guys . i'm going to the game sunday and i'm sitting in sec.117 , i wanted to know is that the side the ravens do their pre-game intro's on? btw i'm new to the board
    Yep 117 actually borders the tunnel. I'm in 119.

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    Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    Here is some information that you could take back to your forums, if anyone wants some thoughts on the game:


    7.) If you know Texans fans/posters that saw a few nationally televised Ravens games, and are under the belief that Flacco will have one of his inconsistent games, Joe Flacco has played much better at home this season. DON'T THINK THAT HE CAN'T THROW ON YOU. The Ravens offense starts with Ray Rice, because it is smart football. He is their best offensive weapon and they have the best FB in the league, blocking for him. You guys are familiar with him as well. However, Joe has made the throws when he has needed to. Believe it or not, dropped passes by the WRs/TEs have been more of an issue than Flacco. No, he is not an 'Elite' quarterback, but if you know someone who is under the misapprehension that he is not a top 10 QB, since his statistics lag behind, please talk them out of that idea, because they will be disappointed. The Ravens do not throw fifty times a game, because they don't have to. They can run the ball. Don't let that fool you into thinking that Joe Flacco can't get another 300 yards passing if you dare him to.
    To reiterate what you've stated: Flacco's stats do not reflect a large increase statistically between his home performances and on the road, however watching his home games, Flacco does play better at home. Many NFL fans of other teams wouldn't know this as they most likely catch only the Ravens prime time games.
    I look for Flacco to be efficient at home, with semi conservative stats in this game. I think he minimizes mistakes/turnovers and will utilize Rice in the short passing game to pick up chunks of yardage.

    Just for fun, here's Flacco's stats this season, both at home and on the road.

    57.6% 1818 yards 10TD 6INT 85.9 rating

    57.9% 1792 yards 10TD 6INT 78.6 rating

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    Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    Both teams have similar ideas about how to win in the NFL. I love watching games where defense and running the ball take center stage.
    He Who Dares.....Wins

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    Re: To ALL Ravens fans From A Texan

    Quote Originally Posted by 73doubledown73 View Post
    no one had better say anything about "steers and queers"! of my favorite tunes is "Beers, Steers & Queers"! I have many friends from Texas and have had nothing but awesome treatment from the locals so I hope everyone coming here for the game gets treated well in return!


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