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    Re: Sources indicate Manning to be released

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    No team is giving a rookie head coach that kind of authority. Doesn't happen here or with the Jets. Even big name coaches like Coughlin and Fox couldn't get that. We all know Belechick get it. I've heard Marvin Lewis finally got it with his last contract. Pete Carroll wouldn't coach in the NFL without it. Jeff Fisher has made it a condition for whatever job he takes since he never had it with the Titans. The days when the Head Coach got full control are long gone.
    You don't need "full control" to have a huge voice.

    And Sanchez has been and always was Rex's guy from what I heard. And I guarantee being the head coach he had a huge say on that whole situation, he had to.

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    Re: Sources indicate Manning to be released

    [QUOTE=52decleetzu;396920] Sanchez has one more year to be protected, and I suspect if it doesn't go well both Rex and Sanchez will be out of jobs.

    that's how I sees it. I think they probably overacheived, esp beating the Pats in the playoffs, but the mgt and fan base need to see improvement and hope.

    now there's an article quoting DMase about how hard a worker Sanchez was and how hard he studied etc.
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