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    This will be the challenge for Tim Tebow.

    Sustaining this success next season. The tape will be out. Think about how many young quarterbacks have looked good for one season, leaving us to think that they would be the next best thing, only to stumble the following season. Mark Sanchez is not guaranteed to have a job next season and Josh Freeman looked even worse than him. Matt Ryan is now 0-3 in the playoffs.

    Will Tim Tebow be able to sustain this success next season, and the following season.

    Personally, I do not expect them to have success with any sizable 'option' offense, next season. If Tebow will be successful next season, it will be, because he makes significant strides as a pocket passer and against more confusing defenses.
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    Re: This will be the challenge for Tim Tebow.

    He will have to continue to improve to have a shot. I also expect them to add a rookie or veteran QB to their roster for next year.
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    Re: This will be the challenge for Tim Tebow.

    He has to improve his accuracy on short to medium passes. Right now it's kind of all or nothing with him. If he can do that, then he is their long term solution.

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    Re: This will be the challenge for Tim Tebow.

    He can't read defenses or throw medium passes with any accuracy. However, Pittsburgh demonstrated that if you put nine in the box and let a receiver get wide open in man coverage, he can probably throw it to that wide open guy. Also, you need to be patient with blitzes and not let him out of the pocket. Pittsburgh's defensive coaching in that game was completely dismal and I don't think it'll happen again. And no, I'm not just reverse-jinxing the Pats, but if they also want to keel over versus the Tebow phenomenon I'll be A-OK with not having to listen to ESPN another week.


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