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Tebow has the one stat that many stat-followers tend to ignore: wins. Johnny Unitas was arguably the greatest QB to play in the NFL. Care to guess what his lifetime passer rating was?

It's a shame that some football fans can't kick back and enjoy the ride. Tebow's magical success has been is one of the most interesting sports stories in years.
We will have to agree to disagree on this one.

With Tebow as QB they won exactly zero games against teams that finished with a winning record in the regular season. In fact the beat a team with a winning record only one time the entire season and that was the Bengals in week 2.

What ride is it i am supposed to be enjoying? The media slobbering all over a QB who is getting more credit for winning than he deserves while others get zero recognition for what they have done? The media acts as though TT was the only one on the field in the games they won. He caught his own passes (the ones that were catchable) and played defense as well.

I said he had a good game against the Steelers. I also pointed out the Steelers were decimated with injuries. Tebow against a fully healthy Steelers team has a different outcome i think. Pittsburgh shot themselves in the foot trying to get a number 1 or 2 seed by playing all the guys who should have been resting for 3 weeks.