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Thread: AV is out

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    AV is out

    i just happen to see the AV for players is out. For those who dont know AV is Approximate Value and heres a link to understand how it is determined.

    The Leader for Defensive AV this season was Safety Earl Thomas. He weighted at a 20 AV. ( didnt realize he had that great of a season)
    Then we have four players Weighted at a 19 AV
    Justin Smith ( DE/DT) S.F
    Haloti Ngata
    Brian Cushing ( LB) Housten
    Navorro Bowman( LB) S.F

    Suggs had a 18 AV. I feel Justin Smith can challenge Suggs for DPOY but he seems like he dosnt get the attention, prob cuz he does most of the dirty work in SF.
    then lets look at the guys who the media feels are the top players in the running for DPOY


    In the end its another fun stat to look at and unless Justin Smith gets the attention Suggs should win DPOY

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    Re: AV is out

    Opps Mods if you will can you put this in the Ravens section. Put it here by accident

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    Re: AV is out

    I know Peter King voted Justin Smith as his DPOY but can a 3-4 DE really garner that much support.

    Unless the writers want to award the MVP to someone who simply has numbers (Allen or Ware) then I just don't see how Suggs doesn't win it especially given that he has better stats on a defense that ranked higher and had a monster game against maybe his nearest competitor.

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    Re: AV is out

    If Suggs doesn't win it, it is a sham. Hairball should have never won it last year... so I have my doubts.


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