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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    Based on the Ravens' competition involving top tier defenses and the Texans' games while Yates has been at the helm, I predict

    Ravens - 24

    Texans - 19
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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    This game concerns me only SLIGHTLY more than the recent Colts game... warm/dome team playing in frigid weather (seen the forecast?) in front of an extremely hostile crowd (deer in the headlights QB..), Suggs and Ngata licking their chops to get after a 3rd string rookie qb, Boldin back, Flacco with a chip on his shoulder, bye week (team rested and ready...), winning IT for Ray and Ed, no Texas team has ever beat the Ravens, and this one ain't gonna break that trend... Sorry, Texan fans, this is gonna be a beat down, double digits...
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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    Doubters shut the fuck up. Flacco has 5 dropped passes in first quarter yet he doesn't give a damn and gets it done anyways. He has been SUPERB.


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