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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    19-10 Ravens. Ravens dominate the early game but red zone woes crop up again and only take a 9-3 lead into halftime. Ravens score an early TD in the 3Q when a Yates turnover gives the offense a short field. Offense and defense take their foot off the pedal in the late 3Q/early 4Q (again!) and have to fight off a furious rally led by a few dubious pass interference penalties. Run game takes over in the 4Q and the Ravens have an 8 minute drive capped off by a short FG.

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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    14-13 Ravens

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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    20-10 Ravens with a lot of turnovers from both teams.

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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    Very close game with Ravens leading at the half; 13-7.

    Final score in a defensive battle:

    Ravens 23 Texans 20

    Ravens with 1 rushing TD, 1 defensive TD from turnover, and 3 Field goals
    Texans with 1 rushing TD, 1 passing, and 2 Field goals

    Ravens ready for championship game in Foxboro, while foaming at the mouth and screaming like banshees. Suggs declares Brady's ass is his, and makes a Tom Brady look-a-like doll so he can carry it with him everywhere he goes between Sunday the 15th, and the AFCC game. Media accidentally confuses the Brady doll as Justin Beiber in a Pats jersey, and claims Suggs is now Biebers biggest fan.
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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score


    I really see this game as a pretender vs contender type game. Last week was their SB, and I think Baltimore makes this a statement game!
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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    I think the 8 point spread is probably pretty accurate, if not low.

    27-17 Ravens
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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    Ravens 23-13
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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    Ravens 24-14. Start well, though don't pull away sufficiently until 4th q. Typical Ravens 3rd quarter wobbles allow the Texans a sniff, before the door is shut on them with a Yates pick.

    Flacco has a decent game.

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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    Ravens 27
    Houston 6

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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    Ravens 31
    Texans 20

    It'll be 24-20 in the 4th until Williams busts through for a 1 yd dive....

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    Re: Ravens-Texans, predict the final score

    This will not be a difficult game for the Ravens - with Yates as QB.

    The Texans have never been able to run on the Ravens

    And the Ravens are not going to let Yates deprive them of a trip to the Superbowl (or a least a trip to NE in an attempt to get to a Superbowl)

    Ravens 31 - Texas 9

    I bet Cam doesn't go into turtle mode on this one.

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    This Game will be a Joke...Raven's Crush Texans... I dare Football gods to slow us down!

    yeah I said it, Yates is a joke. He will do nothing against are defense. Andre Johnson is hurt and in the cold weather his hammy will act up again.
    We already showed what a great defense does to Foster, so there isn't anything to worry about with that guy. He did nothing against us last game. He wont do anything this game.
    We are at home, we haven't lost.

    This game is in the bag...we should be thinking about who we are playing against for the right to go to the superbowl.
    Texans flat out suck!! This is a game we can look past...with Yates at quarter back and our defense. It will be all to easy of a win.

    Ravens 31-9


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