Ravens 24
Texans 13

Analyzing this matchup really boils down one thing, quarterback play. If the Ravens do what they do best, which is making the opposing team one dimensional and shutting down the run, then I just cannot see TJ Yates beating the Ravens. Only way is if they get a couple turnovers and make it a short field.

I think you'll see a lot of quick drops by Flacco w/ him using both TE's and Boldin quite a bit. And of course a healthy dose of Ray Rice.

The other thing will be the crowd noise. It will be next to impossible for Yates to make any changes whatsoever at the line. On top of the that, I cannot remember the last time a rookie QB came into The Vault and tore up the Ravens (minus Andy Dalton's second half this year.

Also, getting two weeks to prep for Houston will be huge.