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    Re: A few questions from a Texan

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterB58 View Post
    She's given you enough clues if you are really curious.
    I'm not
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    Re: A few questions from a Texan

    Quote Originally Posted by GirlsKickButt View Post
    Going on my grill Sunday...Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon with a Bacon Cream Sauce and Bacon Wrapped Scallops Poached in Butter. (Get the Bacon theme? LOL)

    It may not be a half of steer, but I think it's not that bad.
    Im not saying all tailgates in Baltimore don't do it right. My old one was amazing and along the same lines as yours.

    But the Texans just take up a few more notches, that's all. I have been absolutely floored by some of the food -- volume, quality, variety, etc -- and that's not a knock on Baltimore at all.
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    Re: A few questions from a Texan

    I love how passionate us Maryland folk are about crabcakes - 6 pages of debate on where out of towners should eat. Makes me miss 'home' <heavy sigh>

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    Re: A few questions from a Texan

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    Burbs, schmurbs .... the best crabcakes are still on the Eastern Shore. Just cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, then go to Kent Narrows or St. Michaels
    Go to the Crab shack on Kent Island. My tailgate friends run it and Lenny Moore visits our tailgate every game in Lot B just so he can have one of 'em. Tell Bob and Sherry that Richard from Hagerstown sent you!


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