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This means nothing if Joe doesn't play well next week. Joe has the wins in the postseason, true. But he's also got the stigma of being carried by Rice and the defense. For him to truly move ahead of Ryan in the eyes of folks outside of Baltimore he can't just win vs the Texans. He has to win and play well while doing it.

For the record, I don't care how they get the win just as long as they do. I am just saying what Flacco has to do to move past Ryan.
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Great point.
Yes it is. KVV made a similar point in his "5 Things" column after the Browns victory: At some point in the playoffs, the team is going to need Flacco to light up the scoreboard and win them a game. It may be this weekend, it may be in Foxboro when the Patriots go up 28-7 early in the second half, or it may be in the Super Bowl against Brees/Rodgers.

This is his chance to change the national perspective of him as a big-game/winning QB.