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Thread: D Mase retired?

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    Re: D Mase retired?

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post
    i agree. i think michael irvin is also a d-bag. i like mike mayock as a draft analyst but not color guy in TNF
    I can't understand half the crap Michael Irvin spews out of his mouth!! If there's one guy that needs to be booted off of TV, it's him!

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    Re: D Mase retired?

    as long as Billick is on NFLN, i will tune in.

  3. Re: D Mase retired?

    Apparently has now officially retired or is in the process.

    Mason Retiring
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: D Mase retired?

    Mason was a great Raven & if there's one memory I'll have of him 20 years from now it'll be playing with 1 arm and kicking ass to help us get into the playoffs. The guy was tough. Gritty. And, that's the kind of emotion / fire that made us all cheer for him while he was wearing purple. It also is what drives the stuff that people won't remember so fondly. But, during his time here, we were all 85 fans. I wish him well & if all 53 guy cared as much as him (Jared Gaither & Chris McAlister are you listening?) life would be wonderful.

    D Mase - best to you! Thanks for all you gave to the fans of Baltimore while you were here.


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