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    Passing of a Ravens Fan

    I regret to say that my wife called 3am this morning froim Florida to tell me her Mom had finally succumbed to her 3 year fight with cancer. A real tough cookie and a super Ravens Fan she worked as a civilian with the U.S. military in duty stations all over the world for 30 years. Even in her late 60's she would frequently drive alone in her RV from Oklahoma and Colorado just to see a Ravens game in Baltimore. I first met her in 2000 when she drove from Texas to Jacksonville to join our Ravens Roost on an Away Trip to see the Ravens play the Jaguars. We were all with her at Christmas and New Years and i brought the kids home on Jan 2nd. When we first got there she was still coherent and we talked about the upcoming Cincy game. By New Years however, she had taken a turn for the worse. She was out of it and had stopped talking. The hospice staff said she could still hear us as the whole family gathered in her bedroom at kickoff, all of us in our Ravens gear. So each time there was a score I went in, held her hand and told her the score with a short description. She did not respond. With a few minutes remaining in the Ravens 16th nailbiter of the year I made my report. She didn't open her eyes but she mumbled something as her head moved from side to side and her legs twitched. At the end of the game I grasped her hand and told her "For the AFC North Championship and a Home playoff game the final score is: Your Baltimore Ravens 24 - Cincinnati Bengals 16". She still didn't open her eyes but she definitely smiled and squeezed my hand weakly and i just barely heard her say "Good". I kissed her and said "Good night dear. Go Ravens". It was the last time we talked.

    Here's to all of you and your loved ones.
    All of us have suffered loss, but i know we also have special memories.
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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    sorry to hear

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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    God Bless your mother and all of your family....touching story!!
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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    Sorry for your family's loss.

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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    God Bless Dan! Very touching story!

    Go Ravens !!!!

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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    Touching story that definitely brought a tear to my eye. I'm sorry for your loss, Dan.

    Let's get the job done for her!

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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    My condolences...may your memories keep her alive in your heart.

    I'm sure she'll be cheering on her Ravens from her new sky suite!

    Here's to your family!
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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    I'm sorry to hear Dan. It sounds like she lived a full and happy life with plenty of loving family members.

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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    Dan, so sorry to hear this... prayers for you and the family. So glad you got to enjoy some very special moments with her. Great memories to cherish!

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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    Sorry to hear about that Dan. May God bless you and your family through this sad time. I'm sure glad her suffering is over.

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    Re: Passing of a Ravens Fan

    Man, sorry to hear that..

    I remember back in 2001, one of my best buds lost his dad right before the Super Bowl. Had him on my mind the whole time we were winning that big game.


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