Russia's Deputy Naval Commander has said that Iran is incapable of stopping the task force from the US that just entered the Gulf of Hormuz for exercises.

According to a high-ranking Russian naval official, the combat potential of a US naval group that has entered the Strait of Hormuz is more powerful than the Iranian Navy and coastal forces in the region.

“The Iranian Navy's combat resources are incomparable with the potential of the US aircraft carrier group that has entered the Strait of Hormuz and are incapable of opposing it. No, certainly no," Deputy Navy Commander Adm. Ivan Kapitanets told Interfax on Thursday


The John C. Stennis aircraft carrier and task force just entered the Gulf despite warning from Iran.

Hmmmn, isn't this the same guy who supplied Iran with all those mines
it wants to use in the Gulf, not to mention ships?

And did you notice gas prices jumped from $3.09 to $3.39.