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Here's the problem with today's media in 10 bullets:

  • The media are run by corporations.
  • Corporations exist to make money for their owners--period.
  • Nearly all media income is from paid advertising.
  • Advertisers pay the media for the right to put their messages (mostly sales pitches) in front of their audience.
  • The more people in the audience (in fact, the more who belong to the target demographic(s) for the product) to see the ad, the more an advertiser will pay for the ad to run.
  • Writers are hired, paid & fired in large part according to how good they are at increasing the size of the audience that advertisers pay to reach.
  • Well-thought-out & well-crafted articles tend to have larger audiences--but thoughtful readers who appreciate that craftsmanship are in general not worth as much to advertisers, as they tend not to be kneejerk consumers & are less susceptible to contemporary advertising aimed at the primitive drives & emotions in the reptilian part of the brain.
  • The larger ad-susceptible audiences will read articles that support their beliefs (because people are more secure in their sense of self-worth when they know others share their beliefs) and articles that contradict them (the "did-you-see-what-that-shithead-wrote-about-X" factor).
  • The larger audience wants to be entertained, and any sort of contention (controversy, harsh words & personal insults, grudges, etc.) is entertaining to the kind of people that ads are designed to manipulate into handing over their cash (call this the WWE effect).
  • Most content creators are as lazy & greedy as the rest of humanity & all other things being equal will take the easiest way of doing (& keeping) their jobs & paychecks--which is the manufacture of consent &/or conspiracy (best of all, something that the audience will either agree with or violently disagree with).

And that explains Bushmill Hensley, Skip Brainless, the Sun's resident Sad Sack Of Krispy Kreme Krumbs, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum...in fact the sad condition of all media today, not just sports urinalism...

(NB Blogs in themselves have nothing to do with the decay of literary competence in journalism--it's a function of the way people treat electronic communication. A minority of us consider e-mail to be letters that arrive at the speed of light, & take some time & effort to craft them. The vast majority think of e-mail [& Twitter even more] as talking with their fingers on a keyboard--so long as u get ur meaning thru, hu gives a dam?

(And FTR it's been going on for well over a decade at least. I recall the ABC news site, on the day in 1998 when the Senate voted down the articles of impeachment for Clinton, posting a head shot of the President with the caption AQUITTED. )
You Sir have made the most intelligent post in the history of the internet (Holy Hyperbole Batman). In all seriousness if more people knew this we wouldn't have a thread every time someone picks against the Ravens or says something negative about the Purple and Black.