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    How do you decide who to route for if your team is not represented in the superbowl?

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    Re: Superbowl

    I usually pick the team I hate the least between the two.

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    I used to live in New Orleans, so there's a soft spot for the Saints. I always root against Steelers and Colts. Anyone else: I just don't care!
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    Re: Superbowl

    Yea, if the Ravens aren't playing, I'm not interested and often don't even watch. It's usually the most boring game of the year. Even the one we won was boring to everyone outside of Bmore cause we slaughtered em.

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    As a Steelers fan I root for the AFC North, then usually whoever represents AFC unless it's the Patriots. I will never root for the Patriots in any Super Bowl. Although in 2010 I rooted for New Orleans over Indy because of various things (Katrina, Brees w/out a SB). Honestly if the Steelers cannot be in SB I would rather see the Ravens than almost anyone else because I like the way our (Steelers and Ravens) organizations are run.

    Especially now because the NFC represents nothing but offense, same as NE. With the exception of SF this year the NFC is nothing but offense, offense, offense. I am old school and like defense and running better than most NFL fans who the league is apparently geared towards now.


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