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    Re: Why I'm rooting for the Steelers

    The Steelers have lost like six of their last nine meetings with the Patriots, and most of their games were not close. They have historically had a lot of trouble with the Patriots spread offense.

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    Re: Why I'm rooting for the Steelers

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    The Steelers pwned the Pats back in October. Not sure what problems you're speaking of.
    Brady is 7-2 vs Steelers. Undefeated at home and 2-0 in the postseason.

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    Re: Why I'm rooting for the Steelers

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragz View Post
    Why? The only way that the Squeelers beat us, is by Ben escaping the numerous sacks that our D puts on him. He's not that mobile guy, RIGHT NOW.
    This is a really good point. One of the reasons we lose to the Steelers, when we do, is cause Ben is able to stay upright by moving around and making a big play. We always seem to chase him around the field with regularity. Anyone with a strong pass rush will do that...especially since he re-aggravated it this week (or may have been vs. Clev).

    Look at the last few games since he got hurt. SF just crushed him; I mean, they made him look bad. Cleveland also did an effective job of holding him in check. While the Browns get laughed at a lot, both they and the Niners are top 15 in sack percentage.

    This is actually where Denver has a shot. For as bad as they are offensively, they're top ten in sack percentage, and should be able to put pressure on Roethlisberger. If they can force mistakes and get turnovers as a result of Ben not being able to , they can keep the game close, and who knows what happens at the end.

    But the Patriots? I have trouble imagining they'll be able to do a whole lot against Roethlisberger to put him nearly as off-balance as the Ravens defense would do to him.

    Pitt coming to Baltimore doesn't scare me. Yes, they're an extremely good team. Yes, I know there's a solid chance they beat us. But I think we'd have a very good edge over them with Roethlisberger hurting and not having a week off to try to heal up.

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