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    Reagan's liberal legacy: Raising taxes

    Well, CBS did it again. Remember when
    Katie Couric bush whacked Sarah Palin after setting her up making her look foolish.

    Lesly Stahl on 60 Mins just did the same to GOPs rising star Eric Cantor who is vs the compromise on extending the Bush tax cuts. When is CBS gonna learn. First Rather is gone, then Katie and Lesley will be the next to go.

    She had him talking about compromising and he said he didn't compromise his principles. He tried to get along but didn't compromise.

    Stahl said Reagan compromised and Cantor said no he didn't. She said he compromised on taxes. He raised taxes and increased the gov't after promising to cut it all and closed loop holes for the rich.

    Cantor's PR man off camera yelled no he did not compromise. Then she showed a tape of Reagan announcing a compromise by raising taxes.

    That was after his historic cutting cause some deficits and forced him to raise taxes
    in 82. then he raised the gasoline tax. He raised taxes 4 times in his first term and about 7 more times in the second term and he never streamlined the gov't.

    In fact, Stahl didn't even mention his creating of the most monstrous agency since the IRS - the PPT, the Protection Plunge Team that was designed to keep the markets from crashing after the 87 crash.

    This was a secret agency that bought the indexes to prevent another crash. It worked up til the 08 historic crash when nothing could save it.

    The markets began to rise again as the gov't bought up the indexes. The PPT was expanded by Clinton to fix pricing on indexing as well as gold to keep the dollar from crashing.

    Regan had promised to do away with the Dept of Education but never did. Instead of laying off employees other than the air controllers, he hired 61,000. Clinton cut 300,000 jobs.

    All this is spelled out in Reagan's Liberal Legacy as CBS strikes again. Cantor looked like a big dope but CBS wasn't as smart as she think she is not knowing about the PPT but not even most of the people in the industry know about the PPT. My broker sure didn't.

    Even I know that.
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    Re: Reagan's liberal legacy: Raising taxes

    Could you imagine what they'd say about Reagan in today's Republican Party? Likewise, the modern day Democrats would no love for JFK.

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    Re: Reagan's liberal legacy: Raising taxes

    Great post. Where you been?

    Yea, today's lGOPs running the party would hate Reagan and OBY would hate JFK even though he gave him
    affirmative action to get into Harvard.

    I had forgotten about his taxes. He didn't initiate most of them but he signed off on them. He
    did compromise. I can trace my job to Reagan's spending. I had left the gov't for a more lucrative job with a TV
    station in Atlanta. CBN was sold to the Chicago Tribune and they came in and fired all the managers. I came
    home. My boss who was the station manager ended up working in McDonalds and thanks to Reagan's military
    buildup I got in APG albeit at a lower grade than before but worked my way back up so Reagan will have a
    special place in my heart even if he raised the gasoline tax after I got my new job.

    But Bush got fired for raising taxes. Clinton came in and balanced the budget but that was after Newt got him
    to do it. Dick Morris advised him to saying you'll get all the credit for it and he did.. The conservatives like me had
    forgotten what Reagan did.

    But CBS is still practicing yellow journalism and always will.
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