That's very weird for a team that went 13-3. But they only played two games this season vs. teams that finished over .500, Pittsburgh and NY Giants, and lost both.

It's a pretty fluky statistic because they did have wins over the Jets (twice), Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, Eagles, and Cowboys, all of whom finished at 8-8.

I think the divisional round will see the Patriots facing the Bengals, who can't beat winning teams either. Cincinnati is 0-7 vs. teams that made the playoffs, 1-6 vs. teams with winning records - the only one in their favor is a road win over 9-7 Tennessee. Not to mention that after starting 6-2 they finish their last 8 weeks at 3-5, managing to squeak past Cleveland, St. Louis, and Arizona. So we'll see what happens when a stoppable force hits a moveable object.

Jesus typing all this out has almost convinced me that Houston will win on Saturday. Who knows. I went into this thinking that Cincy posed the biggest threat to New England of the four wild-card-weekend teams, and maybe they do, but only because the other three are worse. :grbac: I guess you can give a slight edge to super-injured Pittsburgh since they beat Cincy twice, but anyways.

Um, let's all get ready for a trip to Foxboro on the 22nd.