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    Re: I gotta say, I kinda miss this guy....

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    I find myself thinking about Cmac, more and more with the drafting of Jimmy Smith. Cmac, man i don't think people around the league understood how good he was, i see what Revis does, and i think man, that wasn't too far off from how Cmac used to shut receivers down.

    Perfect size, to speed ratio, incredible instincts... He could have been so much better but he was still really really good, the most underrated corner in the league during his time. He had one of the most under appreciated seasons in team history, in 06 i didn't think anyone was better. He had to be 1b to Champ Bailey's 1a. Everyone was so good that season, that it sorta overshadowed how good Cmac Actually was, for a while he was my favorite raven, then obviously it didn't end well, but i think we shouldn't forget just how good this guy was. In terms of all time Great defensive players in Ravens history i rank him 5th, right behind


    Where do you rank him?

    If Jimmy turns out to be as good as Cmac, minus the bad attitude, i would be a very very very happy Ravens fan..

    Here's to Sunday! BALL SO HARD, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!
    As others have said, CMac was a truly gifted corner who left you wanting more.

    As far as ranking I'd have him behind Ray and Ed and Boulware, Suggs and soon Ngata, and maybe AD too. He's certainly up there and our best corner and second best secondary defender ever.

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    Re: I gotta say, I kinda miss this guy....

    Ray said something to the extent of "give me a man with heart, desire and knowledge over talent any day" when talking about the McKinnie signing. Cmac is a great example, all the talent in the world, young, but lacking desire. You can teach technique, you can learn knowledge but you can't learn/force desire.

    He certainly did leave us wanting more.....just imagine if he WANTED to be the best.....a corner like that makes a defense almost unstoppable.
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    Re: I gotta say, I kinda miss this guy....

    Quote Originally Posted by Durango46 View Post
    the sky was the limit with Cmac....I really enjoyed watching him play. What a shut down corner he was.
    When he wanted to be.

    There was a game against Tampa that epitomized Cmac to me. They had Keyshawn Johnson at the time, who was a lot like Boldin in his career. He was never going to outrun anybody, but he could use his size and strength to make plays. Cmac was playing off him like he ran a 3.7, and Lewis was barking at Cmac to get up on the line. He kept yelling, "he can't outrun you!"

    Woodson was still with us at the time, and Lewis kept yelling at him to get on McAllister, too. But he kept playing 10 yards or more deep and Johnson kept moving the chains.


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