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    Re: CBS could care less about our game

    Quote Originally Posted by psuasskicker View Post
    Nantz is seriously so wrapped around Tebow's cock it's difficult to imagine he can tell which way is up anymore. It's remarkable how much slobbering that dude does over Tebow, and I'd rather not have him announcing our game cause I'm fairly certain that if he did, he'd just be comparing everyone on both teams to Tebow.

    Jets/Phins is two major markets in a 1 p.m. match-up, it makes sense they get a good announcing pair.

    With all that said, it doesn't really make sense that we're getting a second-rate crew. The Ravens/Bengals game is the only AFC game where both teams are in a dog-fight for playoff positioning, and it's got by far the two best teams with a combined 20 wins between them (vs. every other AFC game having two teams adding up to 18 or fewer wins). Such is the burden of two small-market teams playing week 17.

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    I'll leave the cock talk to those who know more about such things... but I can see Tebow still being front page news in CBS' mind. I'm relieved to not listen to Dierdorf; that crew might even have it in its contract that they get AZ, Miami, or SD in December/January when available or some other seniority system.
    I can't see "conspiracy" in TV coverage hurting the Ravens' (even their feelings). Officiating rotations, now that's another thing

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    Re: CBS could care less about our game

    Quote Originally Posted by CoverD View Post
    What I want to know is...why are we not getting the NE/Buffalo game in the Baltimore area and instead are subjected to Mia/NYJ? I want to see if NE clinches the #1 seed before our game to see if we can get it if for some reason NE lays an egg.
    This is burning my ass right now.

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    Re: CBS could care less about our game

    Quote Originally Posted by micadrz400 View Post
    This is burning my ass right now.
    Ditto. And this afternoon here at the beach (via DirecTV) we're treated to Atlanta/Tampa Bay.

    There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarrely inexplicable…

    There is another theory which states that this - has - already - happened…

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    Re: CBS could care less about our game

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkS View Post
    They can send a janitor and some guy from TeleMundo if it means I don't have to listen to Dierdorf.


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