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    Shop NFL (COM) Commerical

    Seen this commercial twice now -where the women toss their NFL gear back at their man -Dan redskined faced owner was in it. Pushing the lady fitted wear.

    But now Coach Harbs is at the end....kinda funny!

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    Re: Shop NFL (COM) Commerical

    You must watch commercial-limited TV to have only come across this ad twice! We see it frequently. It's like a great Saturday Night Live skit -- I can watch it over and over and still chuckle. Of course, that ad has cost me hundreds of dollars, as Mrs. T went on an NFL Shop expedition for a new wardrobe of women's sizes for her Ravens gear!

    There are several versions shown. If I properly understand the You Tube linking instruction manual, here is the original version which we used to watch before the longer version came out which added the Harbaughs:

    edit: found the Harbaugh short version:

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    Re: Shop NFL (COM) Commerical

    In one version Alyssa Milano is in it looking fantastic. She has a company called 'Touch' that is now the largest maker of women's fan wear. Talk about beauty and brains.
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    I've never seen Harb in those until I viewed the videos on Mr.T links. I guess it's regional
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    Re: Shop NFL (COM) Commerical

    I'm not supposed to have NFL Network, but watching college games on ESPN, and flipping over to NFL NET -conditioned to seeing those Lexus ads, and took me awhile to notice the updated NFL Shop ad. I block them out when it seems like the same old ad.....thanks for the link!

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    First time seeing this version so I think it is regional.


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