Hi all-
Jeremy here. Grew up in Owings Mills, but now live in Los Angeles. I am one of a very few Ravens fans out here- that I know of at least. I got food poisoning the night before the Superbowl in which the Ravens one (and after a terrible Terps meltdown to Duke with 53 seconds left)- and therefore was holding a bag all Superbowl sunday while watching the game with 25 friends i my tiny Burbank apartment- none of whom cared much who won- except for the couple Giants fans! On a positive note- that same Superbowl I was the winner of a local sports radio block pool for the final quarter after Stover made his last field goal. The prior week I had called into the radio station to defend Ray Lewis, who was getting hammered for the events of the LAST year. After the call, they told me they took the top10 callers each night and gave them a spot in their block pool. I of course, chose block number 52! When it hit- they sent me to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii- along with my girlfriend at the time. That was a blast- and I always said I'd go back to Hawaii with my own money if it follows a Ravens trip to the Superbowl! Can this be the year???

I look forward to getting to know other die hard Ravens fans like myself! One month till camp starts!