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    Re: Top 10 Ravens Moments of 2011

    Hearing Berman announce that the Ravens "Pass???" on the 26th pick in last years draft.....and thinking W.T.F_ _ _?
    1st play of the year...against Pitt...McKinney blows up the left side....Rice runs for 30.
    Smith's three TD's against the Rams.
    9 sacks and the most complete game of the year against San Fran.
    McPhee and his high motor, Kruger finally making an impact.

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    Re: Top 10 Ravens Moments of 2011

    kudos to the draft. Torrey, Jimmy Smith, McPhee, all impacts, and good vibes towards the other rooks.
    "Nothing stops these Baltimore Ravens. Beat them, injure them, shove them to the bottom of the standings, drag them into a hostile environment and mount a big lead, and they just keep trudging forward like nothing fazes them." (Bleacher Report)

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    Re: Top 10 Ravens Moments of 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Tottenham Raven View Post
    Jarrett Johnson almost decleating Hines Ward in Week 1 has to be up there.
    Oh my God, all the others are good but but JJ's hit on Hines has to be in the top 5. Torrey's catch is #1.

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    Re: Top 10 Ravens Moments of 2011

    Ok, here it is, the Top 10 Ravens moments (with video) of 2011 (thanks to all of you)

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    God damn, I could watch that last drive against the Steelers on a loop for the rest of my life.

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    Link not working with iPhone


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    Re: Top 10 Ravens Moments of 2011

    The hit JJ put on Hines Ward behind the line of scrimmage will forever stay with me. The Steeler comments after the first game of the season, particularly, "we will remember it all", implying they would get us back (for the 2 pt conversion and whatever else they were whining about) at the Pittsburgh home game later in the season......ahem ahem, and the last second comeback drive to win in Pittsburgh.
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