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    Iran's war games in Gulf of Hormuz

    Iran is trying to show off it's Navy in maneuvers in the Gulf of Hormuz after
    they said they would shut it down if it is attacked by Israel or the US.
    They say they forced a foreign helicopter to leave the site of the maneuvers.

    Now, let's face it. If there was going to be an attack on Iran's nuke
    facilities it would have been BY now, especially since a month ago Iran said Israel would
    attack it by Christmas. Well, Christmas has come and gone and the new year is almost here and
    still no attack. There have been rumors since W's presidency.

    And the reason he didn't was it would compound the problems with the
    insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, insurgents that come from Iran and
    their friends. That is still a prob and why no attack.

    But back to these maneuvers. Someone needs to remind Iran what happened
    the last time they tried to close Hormuz. That was in 88 during its war
    with Iarq and they mined the Hormuz and attacked a US ship with a
    torpedo boat.

    The US retaliated within mins sinking two Iranian frigates and a couple of
    gun boats and rubber rafts, just about everything they had-lol. Well,
    they are a little more sophisticated now so they think they can win.

    Threatening to close the Hormuz would block oil that the rest of the
    world gets going thru it to the Persian Gulf.

    The Hormuz is only about 2,000 km long and 52 km wide at it's
    narrowist point.

    Ted Koppel said years ago on Niteline that the Israel air force could
    sink the entire Russian navy in the Mediterranian in less than 3 mins.

    So think how long it will take us to sink Iran's navy in the Hormuz
    and especially since it is so much smaller than the Med.

    Just some laughable stuff here from Iran.

    See pick of burning ship after hit by US planes in Hormuz.
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    Re: Iran's war games in Gulf of Hormuz

    Iran fired missiles during it's war games in the Gulf of Hormiz as US said it will not tolerate its irrational behavior.

    Two US warships passed thru the zone where the maneuvers took place but it was a pre-arranged route before this started and not a show of strength or so they say.

    Stay tuned.

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    Re: Iran's war games in Gulf of Hormuz

    Things are heating up as US and UK are
    sending ships in for their own war game

    Iran harrassed US ships passing thru Hormuz.

    US sent a carrier thru.

    Notice gas prices are rising agan - damn it?
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