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    Not so fast China, We're still #1

    With all the doom and gloom about America's demise here's a feel good
    paper saying it's not all that bad and we're still a lot better than the rest of
    the world and twice as better than China.

    I posted a link earlier in the year that China's economy might pass ours
    within 40 years. Someone posted sooner than that which is what China
    wants everyone to believe.

    Our economy is still the strongest in the world and still twice as big as
    China's and our income per capita is more than China, India and Brazil put
    together. Our military is the only one in the world that can inflict is power in
    every region of the world and despite the coming budget cuts, it still remains better
    and more powerful than anyone else's.

    One thing the paper doesn't mention is the dollar is still stronger
    too as the Euro completely collapses.

    China and Russia are pushing strong for a global currency. I mean, who in
    the world wants a Ruble or even a Yen. Everyone still wants the dollar. It's
    like my broker told me. Think of the world's currencies like a large pie.

    Cut in in quarters. One-quarter represents all the currencies of the world
    while 3/4 represents the dollar. It will take decades to supplant the dollar,
    probably longer and probably not in our life times.

    And despite our woes, China is going to get theirs too. They have the same
    banking probs we do and for the same reasons and they need buyouts too.
    I posted a link that an Australian billionaire was gonna give China's banks a US
    type buyout.

    Risky at best but if it comes thru he will own all China's banks. Must have
    been too risky because he never gave them the money or the gov't never let him.

    Interesting paper here that offers a lot of hope.

    Sorry, link doesn't work but click on the drudge link, scroll down to paper: Not so Fast
    China on the left hand side.
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