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Thread: Watching Aaron

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    Watching Aaron

    What a pleasure to watch this guy. Not only has all the physical tools, but man is he football smart or what? He also seems to have tremendous leadership skills. That quick look-in pass for a touchdown last night was a thing of beauty. A terrifically designed play impossible to defend. I wish I could watch him play more often. But, of course the question is, would he be as good under Cam? Yeah, pretty sure he would.

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    Re: Watching Aaron

    I thought this thread was about Aaron Wilson from the title.

    It would really be helpful to state players names in full -- especially those from the other 31 teams.
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    Re: Watching Aaron

    That guys is a football throwing machine. He comes across as smarmy, but I respect him.

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    Re: Watching Aaron

    The man certainly paid his dues. Favre was a certified jerk. Aaron even gives off that impression in himself sometimes, but nothing like what Brett Favre did.
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