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Imagine also, if this happened at that particular time, how the planning and construction of the Baltimore Metro would have been different?

It could have very well been built as both a north/south line from the Lutherville/Timonium area, as well as the west-downtown line from Owings Mills.

The reason they went with Light Rail for the north/south line to Camden Yards now is because, in the late 80's/early 90's, the money wasn't there for Heavy Rail transit...but it certainly was in the 70's!

I love taking the Metro in to O's/Ravens games, but I'd take it even more if it were a North/South route roughly similar to the current Light Rail, because it's more convenient to where I live.

What could have been...
Development in Baltimore and the surrounding area is often a case of "What could have been." The money was indeed there in the 70s for heavy rail and the plans had been there since the 60's for an entire network of heavy rail lines.

Blame the folks down in AA County --where the Light Rail would eventually run, ironically-- who felt that crime would follow the line down there. Killed any chance of them building the N-S line. Things shifted to the NW line that we all know today and that's what got built. Then the money dried up as did the political will, which has never really come back.

Shame. Charles Center was built to accomodate a platform for the N-S line. There had been talk of it being used in either the Red Line (never happen now, even if the Red Line ever gets built) or a future N-S line along Charles Street.

And yeah, it's true, Schaefer had to build the current Light Rail with only state funds. But if the new Colts stadium is built at the Camden Yards site, the new O's stadium probably is too (we're probably just celebrating the 25th or so anniversary), and they might have gone ahead and built the N-S line anyway.

The entire area would probably look alot different, as well. Too bad the people in charge today lack the vision of folks like Schaefer.