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    Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe: "McNabb never made the donation he promised"


    When Donnovan McNabb joined the Vikings, punter Chris Kluwe agreed to give up his No. 5 jersey, on a few conditions.

    Kluwe is one of the NFL’s freest spirits, so it’s no surprise that a couple of those conditions were off the wall: One was that McNabb had to buy him an ice cream cone. Another was that McNabb had to mention Kluwe’s band, Tripping Icarus, at five press conferences.

    The third and final condition was that McNabb would make a $5,000 donation to Kick For A Cure, an organization that supports people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Kluwe is involved with Kick For a Cure, and he thought it would be a nice gesture for McNabb to show his support.

    Unfortunately, that’s a gesture that McNabb hasn’t followed through on: Kluwe told this week that McNabb didn’t make the donation. Today I checked in with Kluwe on Twitter to see if maybe the article had motivated McNabb to contact him about the donation, but it didn’t.

    “No, but I haven’t really had a chance to ask him. I was going to at the end of the season, but then he got released,” Kluwe wrote on Twitter.
    Really? It's 5 grand. That's peanuts to him. Even ignoring the millions he's made in previous years, he got another $5,500,000 this year alone from the Vikings, for half a year's worth of work. He can't donate 0.09% of that after promising to do so?

    Kluwe, on the other hand, donates $500 to the same charity every time one of his punts lands inside the 20. He's up to 19 on the season. Chances are he'll wind up making over $10,000 in donations, and by comparison he's "only" making $1.18 mil this year. Good for him for putting McNabb on blast.

    He did agree to the terms and sign off on them, all captured on film and available on the internet. Kluwe seems like too nice of a guy to do it, but I'd love to see someone slap McNabb's ass with court papers and make him pay up.
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