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    GOP caves in again

    GOP Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, the same guy who made the GOP
    cave in on raising the debt urged his party to cave in once again on the
    payroll tax cut deal accepting the DEMs short term proposal in exchange
    for seats on the Senate's committee to negotiate a long term deal. The GOP
    house originally wanted a 1 yr extension but settled for 2 months just 9 days
    before the tax break expires for 160 million Americans

    OBY and Reid were excited while Boner was upset with the quip, kicking a can
    down the road a couple of months does cause problems. Sometimes in politics its
    difficult to do the right thing.

    These guys will be long gone.
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    Re: GOP caves in again

    I bet Boehner isn't even in congress next year much less Speaker.
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