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    WSJ: An NFL Redemption Story

    Some of you guys won't like this but it was in today's paper and I thought it was worth sharing. Yes it's about Gaither and some interesting comments about the game against SD.

    Pro Football Focus, a statistical service that grades every NFL player on every play, rates Gaither as one of the top pass blockers in the NFL over the past three weeks.
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    Re: WSJ: An NFL Redemption Story

    I remember the picture of him arriving in KC last year and attracting ridicule over his physique

    He looks good in that photo, he's been working

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    No one has ever said that Jared lacked talent.

    Certainly if he commits himself to his craft with the same effort and intensity of say, a Torrey Smith or a Michael Oher, he would be among the best to ever play the game.

    The question is will he do that. History says no, but history is only predictive of the future, not a guarantee.

    If he gets it together longterm, good for him. It's a pathetic indictment of his work ethic and coachability that it took this long though.

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    Re: WSJ: An NFL Redemption Story

    No one ever said he wasn't a good player when he actually plays. He was no use to the Ravens since he wasn't on the field. So who really cares what he does now.

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    Re: WSJ: An NFL Redemption Story

    The Ravens could have kept him for very cheap. It was a bad move to let him go.

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    Re: WSJ: An NFL Redemption Story

    It's three weeks worth of play for a guy that's been lazy as shit for the last two years. Maybe he's finally gotten motivation to start playing up to his potential, but more likely he'll fade the same way he's done in the past.

    More importantly, he's not a Raven anymore and hasn't taken the field for us for quite some time. This thread no longer belongs in the Ravens forum.

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    Re: WSJ: An NFL Redemption Story

    Quote Originally Posted by HKusp View Post
    The Ravens could have kept him for very cheap. It was a bad move to let him go.
    It was a great move to let him go. He wasn't motivated to play here. Sometimes a change of scenery helps. But I predict he falls back on his lazy ways.


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