Pick 5 against the spread. You may pick any number of games, but you must have picked a total of 80 games by the end of the season. This is an average of 5 games per week, with one week off, if desired.

Ties are recorded as such and the winner at the end of the season is determined by best winning percentage.

Any questions should be posted in a different thread.
Please turn off signatures in your post when making your picks.

NOTE: As we wind down towards the end of the season, please make note of your total picks so far this season, and remember that picks beyond 80 games are not counted in the standings. So make your picks accordingly.

Note: Most games on SATURDAY this week, except where indicated.

  • Houston -6 At Indianapolis (***Thursday Night)
  • At Kansas City -2 Oakland
  • Denver -3 At Buffalo
  • At Tennessee -7.5 Jacksonville
  • At Cincinnati -4 Arizona
  • At New England -9.5 Miami
  • At Baltimore -13 Cleveland
  • At NY Jets -3 NY Giants
  • At Washington -6.5 Minnesota
  • At Carolina -7 Tampa Bay
  • At Pittsburgh -15 St. Louis
  • At Detroit -2.5 San Diego
  • San Francisco -2.5 At Seattle
  • At Dallas -2 Philadelphia
  • At Green Bay -13 Chicago (***Sunday Night)
  • At New Orleans -6.5 Atlanta (*** Monday Night)