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    Exclamation More coolness. How's your reputation?

    Since we have nothing to do all day but fiddle with this place until it TOTALLY ROCKS!!! I added something that will make it even more fun.

    Do you appreciate the knowledge of other posters? Are you sometimes in awe of their posts? Reward them with 'The totally cheesy 24x7 reputation point system' (patented in 14 pubs around the world).

    You will see a green 'blob' under your post count. Move the mouse over it and it will reveal your reputation.

    Look for the small scales icon. Click on someone else's and you can reward a brilliant post by increasing the poster's reputation factor and leaving an anonymous comment.

    You gain points to give out (not to add to your own) based on your tenure here and your post count. Your reputation can only be raised (or lowered) by others.

    It is a very clever system because you can't 'Hank' up a poster's rep by repeatedly clicking and you can only give out so much reputation per day (and we're keeping that secret). You also have to reward 'x' amount of people before you can return to your buddy again

    It's mainly for bragging rights but we may throw in the ability to have a super honking sized avatar or custom title when you reach a certain goal.

    Yup, it's totally worthless and pointless but there was a button that said 'On/Off' and I clicked it.

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