As long as Roethlisberger is hurting, so is the Steelers' offense. Roethlisberger is the MVP of the AFC North this season. He has carried this offense, and the Steelers need an effective Roethlisberger to win in the playoffs. The problem is, this offense won't be better with Charlie Batch or Dennis Dixon. It needs a healthy Roethlisberger. He's the one player that the Steelers couldn't afford to get hurt.

Would the Steelers win more than 5 games if Ben was out an entire season with an injury?

He is the Manning of Pittsburgh. While i doubt a Batch or Dixon lead team would score many points i do think the Steelers defense would keep enough games close enough they could win more than Indy has.

I also find it humorous that just a few weeks ago Hensley claimed the Steelers had so much depth and now claims the offense falling apart. I could rope a bunch of retarded paragraphs together every few days and take his job if he isn't careful.