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    John Sutcliffe

    I don't know why ESPN had this guy on tonight, but I want him to do every MNF game from here on out. We have enough average looking middle-aged women giving us injury updates and regurgitating coach-speak after the half, don't we? We need more of this guy, talking to random people on the third floor about the power, and cursing on national television while struggling to tell us about it. Guy is a star. Make it happen, ESPN. Who's with me?

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    Re: John Sutcliffe

    That guy was HORRIBLE, It's like he was doing ventriloquism with out the dummy

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    He was a last minute substitute. He's on their Spanish broadcast team.

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    Re: John Sutcliffe

    my wife called him a muppet and that is a compliment IMO
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    Re: John Sutcliffe

    I thought it was a big joke last night.
    I didn't realize he was on ESPN Deportes...

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    Re: John Sutcliffe

    My wife and I got a crack out of him. He gave no real information. I could have given the viewers the same info from my couch.

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    Re: John Sutcliffe

    He sounded like the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

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    Re: John Sutcliffe

    I could only understand every 5th word or so.


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