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Thread: The realities

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    Re: The realities

    The thing that I take from those comments is that even if playing wise McNair isnt that much of an upgrade,the guys in the huddle have more confidence in McNair then they did with Boller.That alone will make a huge difference when in comes to their play on the field in crunch time,like the last drive yesterday.Confidence in sports is HUGE,and if mentally you feel like you believe that you and your other players will get it done you will.

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    Re: The realities

    At this time last year we were 0-2
    Believe me, I am VERY happy that we're 3-0 as opposed to 0-2. But that still does not change the fact that there are still some drastic improvements needed. McNair somewhat hides the deficiences of the O-line because of his experience in handling pressure, but that doesn't mean they still don't suck.

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    Re: The realities

    that doesn't mean they still don't suck.
    You will get no argument from me on that one.

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    Re: The realities

    The Browns have some VERY good talent and so many of you overlooked that all weekend.

    Charlie Frye impressed the hell out of me. I thought he was a iffy prospect, and to a degree he still is, but he showed me alot yesterday. We bitch out our OL...but that crap he had in front of him was a joke...we sacked him, what 8 times? And hit him how many more? And he STILL not only showed that toughness everybody here loves, but he PRODUCED with that shitty protection. That pass to Edwards was one of the most beautiful throws I've ever seen...Rolle was beaten by MAYBE a half step and he just dropped it in there beatifully. The guy just seems to have "it". It is still too early, but I saw a lot of those traits in the game last year too.

    Edwards and just seems as if people brushed those 2 aside as if they were run of the mill talents. Edwards is a Roy Williams clone, big, strong, and can run like a deer. He is going to be an absolutely terrific player in this league. And Winslow is one of the most purely talented TE's to ever come into the league. Have they proven anything yet? No, but they are tremendous talents that have to be accounted for.

    And thier defense does not allow for big plays in the passing game. Billick even said in one of his pre-game press confernces said that we HAD to run the ball in this game and we didn't do a good job. You just aren't going to get big plays against a cover 2 defense. They make you dink and dunk the ball down the field and wait for mistakes. And elite CB's are completely irrelevant in that type of defense as they normally stay in short zones.

    Add the fact that we don't have any burners at the WR spot and you see a grind it out game.

    I had been predicting that all week while so many were insisting that I was crazy and this would be a complete blowout.

    I think people where understimating them last week and apparently some still are after yesterday's game.

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    Re: The realities

    The play calling was just unbelievable

    How do we go from the mix-it-up calling of the first drive in Tampa versus the
    typical sequence

    First down -- run Jamal up the middle
    Second down -- run Jamal
    Third and long -- throw

    Something is escaping me -- Fassel can't be that stubborn!


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