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Thread: The realities

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    The realities

    A win is a win, but this team has issues.

    1. The o-line sucks as bad as ever. Ozzie needs to take some accountability for this crap.

    2. Jamal is nowhere near an elite back anymore. He's slow, can't hit the holes, and still stutter steps. We should have kept Chester. He's faster, can catch out of the backfield, and pass blocks better than Jailmal.

    3. I question whether McNair is really all that much of an upgrade. He's been about as accurate as a bent BB gun, he has no arm strength, and I haven't been that impressed with his pocket prescence. Derick mason bailed him out big time today.

    4. The defense is as awsome as the 2000 unit. Hopefully the offense can do just enough to get us some wins, but our 3 cakewalk games are done and now the schedule gets tough.
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    Re: The realities

    You forgot to mention:

    5. The playcalling sucks!! Why do you run a reverse deep in your own territory with 2 mins to go? Why do you throw 3 consecutive passes when you're at or near FG range with time running out? Why do you run Jamal straight up the middle where there are 9 guys waiting for him on 4th and 2?

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    Re: The realities

    Have you seen Chester Taylor? He's floundering well under 4 YPC with the help of what is probably the best OL in football.

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    Re: The realities

    yes, the playcalling does suck. Fassel probably shouldn't be a coordinator much less a head coach.

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    Re: The realities

    Why do you run a reverse deep in your own territory with 2 mins to go?
    You know Beer' I almost puked on what I was eating when I saw that play.
    I thought we were trying to run the clock out on that drive.Can we have some up tempo please.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

  6. Re: The realities

    <<< and I haven't been that impressed with his pocket prescence

    You must be joking. Did you not see the final drive? Our OL sucks balls and he was getting pummeled- but still completed the necessary passes from the pocket.

    His arm strength has been fine also. He has not been accurate though.(He did end up at 56% today which isn't terrible)

    The offense sucks plain and simple. If it stays like that all year, it's time for a coaching change. And despite his many successes, Ozzie needs to be held accountable for the OL situation.

    The flip side is we are 3-0, so calls for a new staff will fall on deaf ears. Not much we as fans can do but hope the offense improves. Because this will not cut it against good teams. Which has been the story for years now. But like Tasker pointed out- Real or imagined, the players believe in McNair unlike his predecessors. I actually had hope when we got the ball back with 2 minutes left for a change.

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    Re: The realities

    21 carries for 86 yards, 4 YPC. That isn't horrible. If he gets more carries in these first three games, he's got three 100 yard games. His injury his hampering him right now, but he's running hard.
    ''You'd love to go on the first day but I'm glad for the situation I'm in,'' he said. ''Baltimore knows how to play defense.''

  8. Re: The realities

    It just kills me that we throw the ball a yard short on 3rd downs. Always has.

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    Re: The realities

    Every team has issues, its good to have issues and be 3-0.

    No game in the NFL is a cakewalk, having that attitude will cause letdowns.

    This team will not overlook the Chargers, we have to prove we can beat good teams now.

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    Thumbs up Re: The realities

    McNairs leadership and will won the game, with an assist from McAlister.

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    Re: The realities

    I agree with points 1,3 and 4 (the OL sucking, because it sure did, McNair looking bad, and the defense looking very good). I don't agree about Jamal just yet, but I am wondering about him. He shows flashes now and then, but at times, he doesn't look very effective. Some of that is due to the OL.

    The OL sucking doesn't exactly shock me, but I am a bit puzzled at McNair's bad throws. It almost looks like there is something wrong with his arm. As far as I know, nothing is wrong, but some of his throws are just really off target. Strange.

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    Re: The realities

    Bert, on that last drive his pocket prescence was good, but it wouldn't have been necessary had he played well for the first 58 minutes. He was damn lucky that Cleveland dropped INTS. He was forcing plays and way way off target.

    Cleveland sucks against the run, and Jailmal couldn't get anything going, so it was tough to get play action going.

    The fact is that we should have came in and laid the wood to this wounded browns team. We got very lucky to get a win.

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    Re: The realities

    Bert, on that last drive his pocket prescence was good, but it wouldn't have been necessary had he played well for the first 58 minutes. He was damn lucky that Cleveland dropped INTS. He was forcing plays and way way off target.
    Thank you. This had nothing to do with McNair's leadership. Leadership doesn't put you in a 14-3 hole and make you pray that Stover can actually hit that 52 yard field goal to win the game for you because you wildly overthrew your receiver on 3rd down.

    Sorry, but I don't see it yet.
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  14. Re: The realities

    3-0 is great, but something needs to change!!

    How many years running are we now with this pathetic offensive football?

    I know Mcnair is much older now, and has lost some arm strength, etc.

    But no way in hell a guy like that goes from NFL MVP just two years ago to looking like a reincarnation of every QB we've had since Billick got here.

    The system, play calling and continued poor offensive line play are the constants that never change.

    That crap we just watched Will Not get it done against better teams such as what we now have in front of us.

    I'd love to know what Biscotti is thinking right now.

    After all, besides owning the team, he pretty much brings the same fan type mentallity as the rest of us.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: The realities

    His arm strength has been fine also.

    Those looping tosses? If not for some outstanding catches by Mason, the long tosses would have been incomplete. Judging from what we have seen in three games, it's obvious why the Titans didn't put up a fight to keep McNair. His first three quarters' performance today was mediocre at best. Add that to not much in Tampa after the first drive and a sad showing against Oakland. He was outplayed today by nobody Charlie Fry. Outstanding catches by Mason and Calyton masked the low quality of passes thrown in the 4th quarter comeback.

    The reality: I do not see McNair as an upgrade so far. (I don't put much stock in terms like "intangibles" and "leadership", which sound like apologies). I am hoping he can step it up with upcoming games against a few teams that can score points.


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