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    Jim Jones speaks vs OBY re: Keystone Pipeline

    The former National Security Adviser under OBY said it's critical to
    the national security to let the Keystone Pipeline be built from
    Canada to Texas in this global economy.

    "In a tightly contested global economy, where securing energy resources is a national must, we should be able to act with speed and agility. And any threat to this project, by delay or otherwise, would constitute a significant setback," said Jones. "The failure to [move forward with the project] will prolong the risk to our economy and our energy security" and "send the wrong message to job creators."

    The former adviser has never spoken against OBY and is not being paid to
    do so now.

    In a rare bi-partisan agreement the DEM controlled Senate agreed to leave it in
    the tax bill but there is a waiver in it allowing OBY to kill it.

    OBY has vowed to stop the Pipeline and vetoe any legislation vs it after
    he failed once again to tax the rich. That was his second defeat in past

    Jones is another DEM speaking vs OBY. Even the DEM Senate passed the
    bill to build the pipeline and OBY threatens to kill it.

    He doesn't care if it kills the economy. That's what he's trying to do.
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    Re: Jim Jones speaks vs OBY re: Keystone Pipeline

    He doesn't care at all.


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