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    Survivor Pickem advice

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some input on who I should take in my survivor league this week.

    I'm in 1st place in my 12 player league. I'm 12-2 and have a 45 point differential lead over the two other 12-2 players.

    I don't have any great matchups to pick this week, as I've used the bulk of my better teams already.

    I saved the Ravens for Week 16 vs. Cleveland and have Denver in reserve for Week 17, but my original Week 15 pick that I had earmarked for a while now (Chicago) seems a bit too risky to take against a hot Seattle team.

    Let me know who you think the safest pick is. I'm not horribly concerned about margin of victory. I just need a win.

    Chicago at home against Seattle

    Cincy on the road at St Louis.

    Arizona at home vs. Cleveland

    I'm leaning towards the Cards, but wanted to get another take on it before I lock them in as my pick.

  2. Definitely switch. Either Cincy or AZ should be fine.

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    Re: Survivor Pickem advice

    I'd go with Cincy.

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    Re: Survivor Pickem advice

    St. Louis is horrible, I'd take about anyone against them... but what do I know..
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    Re: Survivor Pickem advice

    My only advice will be to not pick a road team.

    St. Louis beat New Orleans this season at home.


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